10 Top Management Institutions of India to Hone Your Business Skills

“Koi Dhanda Chota Nahi Hota Aur Dhande Se Bada Koi Dharam Nahi Hota”

The dialogue from the film Raees gained so many accolades throughout India. And, why not! Most of the Indian students prefer MBA after their graduation to either launch their own startup or grab an executive job at a top firm to fulfill their dream of entrepreneurship.

While the likes of Dhirubhai Ambani and JRD Tata inspired the youth into traditional business ideology, many Management Institutions in India are providing the much-needed platform for the youth to explore their skills and ideas within business administration.

Today, I will share the top 10 best Management Institutes in India that cannot only guarantee successful career but also evolve you into a better entrepreneur.

Management Development Institute, Gurugram
Management Development Institute, Gurugram

Top 10 Best Management Institutions in India

After graduation, especially engineering, there’s a trend for students pursuing MBA (Masters of Business Administration) to secure a corporate job or understand the ideology behind new age entrepreneurship to launch their startups. However, they are still confused about the right B-School for their MBA as not everyone gets into IIM that easily.

So, here are some of the best Management Institutions in India that you can check out and apply for your MBA. Yeah! There are a few IIMs on the list too.

Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

IIM, Ahmedabad is the second Indian Institute of Management established in India. IIMA is a public B-school in India and is highly famous for its campus and academic programmes in various business administration courses. Besides Post-Graduate Diplomas, the institute also offers Fellowship Programme and a number of Executive Training Programmes. IIMA has been one of the prominent setups as the background of several books such as “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” by Rashmi Bansal, who is also an IIMA alumnus.

Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

IIM, Calcutta is the first public B-School established in India under the Indian Institutes of Management brand. It is located in the small region of Joka in the South West Kolkata, India. The institute is famous for its exceptional postgraduate as well as doctoral programs in management. IIM-C is also noted as the only triple-accredited B-school in India. Also, it is the only Indian B-School that has the membership at Global Alliance in Management Education (CEMS). Its prominent alumni includes Indra Nooyi (Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo), Ajit Balakrishnan (Founder of Rediff.com), and the famous author Amish Tripathi noted for his works such as Shiva Trilogy.

Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

The third IIM in the country, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore is a public B-school established in India that offers postgraduate and doctoral programmes in management. This B-school also offers executive training programs to the professionals looking to hone their skills in business management. The facility is also famous for research programmes, seminars, academic conferences as well as publishing journals. The respected alumni from IIMB include renowned authors, successful CEOs, and several Public Service individuals.

Xavier School of Management, Jamshedpur

XLRI – Xavier School of Management is one of the earliest management institutes established in India. Founded in 1949 by the Society of Jesus, this B-School is located in Jamshedpur, India. In its early days, the Institute offered courses in management and trade unions. Eventually, they began offering post graduate programmes in Industrial Welfare. Today, it offers postgraduate programmes in Business Management, Human Resources Management, Personnel Management, Global Business Management, alongside a doctoral fellowship program and several different executive programs. Vineet Nayar from HCL, Shashi Arora from Bharti Airtel Ltd., and Krishnakumar Natarajan from Mindtree are a few notable names among the alumni of XLRI.

S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai

Located in Andheri, Mumbai, S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research is one of the premier B-Schools in India. Set up on a 45-acre campus in the western suburbs of Andheri, Mumbai, SPJIMR was launched by the then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1981. The institute was named after its first financier, Sahu Shreyans Jain from Sahu Jain family. The Institute offers several postgraduate programs as well as executive management programs for professionals. It also offers Post Graduate Management Programme for Women and a Fellowship Programme in Management.

Management Development Institute, Gurugram

Formed by the Industrial Finance Corporation of India in 1973, Management Development Institute, Gurgaon is one of the top public B-schools in India. MDI is located in the commercial hub, Gurugram which is not far from the capital city of New Delhi. The Institute offers several different postgraduate programs in Business Management, HRM, International Management, and Public Policy and Management. It also offers Fellowship program in management. Saurabh Ray from Oracle, Model Niketan Madhok, and Author Durjoy Dutta are some of the notable alumni of MDI, Gurugram.

Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi

Popularly known as “The Red Building of Dreams”, Faculty of Management Studies at DU is one of the highly recognized B-Schools in India. It is also one of the very few prominent institutes in India offering full-time MBA Program in India. Established in 1954 under the University of Delhi, the Faculty of Management Studies at DU is highly regarded for its exceptional ROI and great placement statistics.

Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode

IIM, Kozhikode is fifth IIM established in India. Being set up by the Government of India and being an IIM, the institute is highly famous and regarded among the top B-Schools in India. Besides offering postgraduate programmes in management, the institute is also famous for its International Exchange program. Other than the academic activities, IIM, Kozhikode also emphasizes on research, training, consulting, and intellectual infrastructure development. Hence, one of the prominent programmes at IIM, Kozhikode includes Social Development.

Indian Institute of Management, Indore

IIM, Indore is the sixth IIM established by Government of India. Like every other IIMs, IIM, Indore is also one of the prominent public B-schools in India. Founded in 1996, IIM, Indore offers regular 2-year postgraduate programs in Management as well as offers 1-year Executive Management program in Management, both of which are equivalent to an MBA. You can also opt for a Fellowship program in Management at IIM, Indore.

International Management Institute, Delhi

International Management Institute, Delhi is the first corporate sponsored B-School in India led by Sanjiv Goenka from RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group. IMI, Delhi is also one of the 7 B-Schools in India that has earned an accreditation from Association of MBAs. It has been ranked No.1 as the best private B-Schools in India by NIRF, MHRD last year. It offers postgraduate programs in Management, HRM, as well as Banking and Financial Services. The institute also publishes an international business journal titled, Global Business Review.


These are the best Management Schools in India if you want to learn Business and Management in India. You can share your favorite Best Management Institutions of India in the comment section.

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