How to Reach, Things to Do in Lonavala – Romantic Encounter with Nature

Depending on the appetite at your end, here are best things to do in Lonavala from my side. Of course, you can consider these places to visit in Lonavala in one day or take one thing at a time.

What is the first thought that comes up in our mind when we hear this place’s name?

Hill station, the famous chikki, favorite weekend destination from Mumbai and Pune, family day out and many more such thoughts which joggle up in our head.

One of the preferred tourist spots for the people living in Mumbai and Pune, this place is a town that impresses a traveler too with its non-tourist places. Probably, my trip to Lonavala will always be a memorable one as I was the traveler among the tourists. Here is how you can be a traveller instead of tourist.

How to Reach Lonavala

By Train:-

Local trains are available from Mumbai and Pune every 2 hours. People traveling by train can get a perfect glimpse of nature through trains.

After getting down at the Lonavala station, you can hire a taxi or an auto to explore. But if you want to get close to nature then trusting your dawdle feet is the best.

By Road:-

If you truly want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the journey then nothing can beat the experience that is gained when you travel by road. Local buses are available from the city or else you can travel by your own private vehicle to the place.

Traveling by our own vehicle gives us the freedom of stopping wherever we want and then continue our journey.

By Air:-

You can take a flight to Mumbai or Pune airport and from there you can either travel by local train or by road to the place.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Lonavala is during the rainy season. Exploring or trekking when it’s raining is an altogether a different experience in itself.

You can feel each and every drop of the rain and it just rejuvenates you, also mountains, rain, and fog are the best combinations to find peace and serenity.

It’s advisable to take an extra pair of clothes as you will get drenched. Also, if you are planning to stay in Lonavala then see to it that you prefer going on weekdays rather than on weekends as the price of a hotel room goes up on weekends and also the availability will be less.

Things to Do in Lonavala

The more you get closer to the mountains the more it will enchant you with its beauty. But you have to be careful as Lonavala is a crowded place, so don’t get lost in the crowd, find your own path and travel.

1# Bhushi Dam

Bhushi Dam in Lonavala Highway Monks

This dam was built in 1860 for the railways as a source of water to the steam engine. But in recent times, it’s been opened for tourism.

Due to frequent accidents, visitors are not allowed to visit this place after 5 pm. The walkway to the dam is interesting as one has to walk through the water. Be careful of your electronic devices as it might get wet.

After reaching the dam, you can enjoy playing with the water, getting wet, eating corn or by clicking some pictures. But the actual beauty lies is by going on the other side of the dam. You have to walk a little and go deep into the forest to find an unexplored waterfall. The walk from the dam to the waterfall is amazing as well as tricky.

You should be very careful as it’s a slippery area, especially in rainy season, and if you lose your balance then that might lead to a very severe accident. But going deep down in nature while getting drenched is an experience which cannot be expressed in words, it is meant to be felt.

The sound of the waterfall is so clear and loud that you could actually feel it rather than just hearing it. It’s a blissful feeling.

2# Shooting Point

Shooting Point in lonavala

As the name suggest this point is famous as many films were shot here. So, it’s quite obvious to get a nostalgic feeling when you visit this place.

Another reason to visit this place is to get a view of the Rajmachi fort. As the clouds clear, you can see the fort and the other view is also quite mesmerizing.

3# Tiger Point

Tiger falls in Lonavala Maharashtra India

Everyone who comes to Lonavala visit this place for sure. This place is also called as Lovers point and having said that you might find lots of couples at the Tiger point. But for the true traveler, there is a relief.

As the clouds clear, you can see a pointed-shaped mountain which is the tiger point. Be careful as you go to the edge, the winds have the power to loosen up your balance. You can find some amazing snacks at the tiger point and hot beverages to keep yourself warm.

Near to this place, there is a small waterfall cum dam which is must visit as it is unexplored and less crowded. People are advised to trek down carefully as the pathway is unclear due to fog and is also slippery.

Now that is the advantage of Lonavala, there are many such unexplored places where people usually don’t go and it’s the traveler who finds out such places. Also, there is an added advantage when you visit in rainy season as you can see numerous waterfalls and get lost in the fog.

4# Bhaja Caves

Bhaja Caves in Lonavala maharashtra Highway monks

If you’re interested in visiting some temples and a wax museum then you can explore that but Bhaja caves are a mast visit place for sure.

There are two caves in Lonavala, Bhaja caves, and Karla caves. Both of these caves are at the opposite sides and if you have time then you can visit both of them. These caves are quite far from the tiger point, Bhushi dam and other places, so you can hire an auto or else to walk down to these caves. Trekking to the top of the cave, in the rain, is a pleasing experience.

Probably, that’s what makes this place special, as you get drenched you feel so fresh. These twin caves are Buddhist-rock cut caves which have many stupas. You can hire a guide to know its history and also the view from Bhaja caves is mesmerizing.

5# Lohagad

Lohagad fort in lonavala Maharashtra, HighwayMonks
source: Wikipedia

One of the oldest and probably the most intact fort of Maharaja Shivaji is this fort Lohagad. This fort is nearer from Bhaja caves as you can walk down to it and Visapur fort is also quite nearer from the Lohagad fort.

If you want to have a full view of the hilly town and the surrounding villages then climb this fort. The view is Mesmerising!

It stands true to its name which means an iron fort. This fort was captured by the Marathas to keep their money in a secret place.

The steps of this fort are huge and it will test your stamina for sure. So it is advisable to carry extra water bottles and also a good pair of shoes to avoid the slippery steps.

Lonavala has its own demerits too but to see its beauty by ignoring the other facts will make this trip to be quite refreshing from the daily routine of our life. So spend your short yet valuable time at this place and get romantic with nature.

Your Turn!

These are the most common things to do in Lonavala or must visit places in Lonavala. If you have some unique or less crowded places suggestions then I would love to know and explore them.

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