Story and Unknown Facts About the Hindu Festival Holi

Holi is marked as one of the biggest festivals in the country where the whole country celebrates in the joys of colors. Known to be as the Festival of colors, people from all religion, genders as well as castes celebrate this occasion together and mark the beginning of the spring season. There are a lot of facts and stories that revolve around the interesting stories of Holi. If you really wish to know all about the Story and unknown facts about the Hindu festival Holi, simply follow our post!

Story and unknown facts about the Hindu festival Holi

Date a Time of Holi

The occasion of Holi is celebrated in the full moon right after the month of Phalguna. The date though shifts due to the calendar date and time of the moon-rise. However, the month is still estimated between the month of February and March.

The Origin of Holi

Holi originally comes from the word “Holika” and is a demonic sister of the King Hiranyakashipu. King Hiranyakashipu became increasingly powerful through his evil thoughts and asked his people to term him as God. Failure in doing so would lead to severe consequences.

Devotion of Lord Vishnu

Prahlad Facts about Holi Indian Festival

Prahlad, the son of the evil King, was an avid follower and worshipper of Lord Vishnu. Because of his devotion, he was tried to be snubbed and killed several times but by his father and Holika several times. However, because of the same reason, every time they used to trick Prahlad, Lord Vishnu used to save him in different avatars.

Death of Holika

Death of Holika Facts about Holi Indian Festival

The origin of Holi is just right from the death of the evil sister Holika. Just as Holika traps Prahladin order to kill him in a bonfire, an avatar of Lord Vishnu comes to save him. Holi is marked as a celebration of god from the hands of evil with the death of Holika. It is celebrated on the following day after Holika was burned in the bonfire.

Krishna Meets Radha

Krishna Meets Radha Facts about Holi Indian Festival

It is another unsung story for the occasion of Holi when Krishna Meets Radha. According to the Bhagvat Gita, Lord Krishna’s mother Yashodha went on to convince Krishna to meet Radha. It is said that Krishna used to complain to his mother about Radha’s fair complex and this is when she advises him to apply color on her face and check if the complexion changes.

The different Phases

The occasion of Holi is celebrated throughout the country by all the people and the castes. However, such an occasion is celebrated in two different phases where people celebrate the day with colors and the evening with the help of bonfire. The Festival of colors is not only the occasion of colors but marks the end of evil spirits also.

Krishna’s Blue Color


There is another Story and unknown facts about the Hindu festival Holi. It was said that the evil Putana came up with a plan in order to kill Krishna. She poisoned Krishna with her breastfeeding. But, in turn of this, Putana as killed by her and it turned Krishna’s body in Blue. This is also another reason behind the Krishna’s Blue Color and the celebration of Holi. People paint themselves in different colors to mark this occasion.

Holi in Mathura

Holi in Mathura

Holi in Mathura comes about for more than two weeks where Krishna is born. In fact, it is the biggest celebration of Holi in India where people from the whole country is invited to join.

Bura Na mano, Holi hai!

Bura Na mano, Holi hai!

This is a very famous saying at the time of Holi that happens across the country. It is said that that most of the people apply color on other’s face that can be very enjoyable. People from all over the country come up with saying “Bura na mano, Holi hai!” and apply color on each other’s face.

A Tale of Sweet- Gujiya


Gujiya is a special delicacy where the stuffing consists of dry fruits and also other sweet dishes. It is a very popular sweet across the country and most of the people share it with love in their mouth. The sweet tastes very delicious and everyone must have at least one Gujiya on this day!

Love for all

Holi Love for All

There is never a saying that Holi is simply a celebration of the Hindu. In fact, people from all castes, religions, genres, and ages celebrate this auspicious occasion together and all over the country. It is considered to be one of the National Festivals in the country where so many people love to be a part of it at the same time. Gradually from the Hindus, the Holi tradition is followed now on different parts of the world in many forms.

Forgiveness from God

One the special day of Holi, a bonfire is lit and people from the entire locality gather around it to celebrate the night. However, it is mentioned that this bonfire is also known to be the Holika bonfire. It is lit so that people can ask for forgiveness from God from the different sins. They also worship god to demolish the evil spirits in them

The flavor of Bhang


Bhang is another aspect which attracts the adults in Holi. Many people all over the world to consider the consumption of Bhang mixed with milk or any other drink. The ingredient is mixed into the drink so that people can enjoy it to the fullest. However, Bhang is actually prepared from Cannabis leaves and is often consumed by people. One should only consume a limit of Bhang.

Touching the Untouchables

According to the rich history of Indian culture, there are many castes which are often termed as Untouchables or rather people of higher castes would not rather touch such persons. However, on the occasion of Holi, everyone removes such thoughts and greets all the castes with the various colors in Holi.

The Story and unknown facts about the Hindu festival Holi are indeed auspicious for one to love the most and also to mark it as a beautiful event. The occasion of Holi is thus celebrated everywhere and also in different parts of the world.

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