10 Side Effects of Using Headphones Everyday Can cause Cancer

Headphones are certainly one of the finest gadgets in the world today. Almost every one of us loves to hear the music with our special headphones while traveling or even staying in the room.

Certainly, headphones have engaged our lives to a completely new level. Well, if you are also a person who loves to use headphones all the time. Reconsider yourself once again. Headphones are pretty dangerous at the same time. There are certainly a lot of Side Effects of Using Headphones and Earphones Every day!

Certainly, a lot of us love to use the new features in a headphone. There are so many advantages and the clear sounds that also help us to enjoy the music. Certainly, there are so many headphones available in the market today which we thrive to buy. But, beyond all, there are certain disadvantages of them as well. The many side effects will not only cause an injury but also would be very helpful for the needs.

10 Side Effects of Using Headphones and Earphones Everyday

High-Risk Noise canceling!

Side Effects of Using Headphones and Earphones Everyday 1

We all love the noise-canceling headphones to be around us. Because of the beautiful and clear sound they cover, we believe that they are certainly the best things that can happen. Now consider a situation where you are walking down the street and also listening to your favorite music. Well, it is quite possible that a person is shouting at you to warn you of something dangerous! But because of the noise-canceling headphones, you are not being able to hear anything else! This can be really dangerous!

Do You Know the Number of Train Accidents?

Side Effects of Using Headphones and Earphones Everyday 2

Technology is now very modern and also there are so many gadgets to be fond of. However, there are innumerable numbers of deadly accidents on railway tracks from 2010. In 2014 itself, there is also a record of 379 people in the Old Delhi railway station. The numbers are indeed very shocking to hear as the death tolls are rising to almost 600 in Chennai for the current year. Certainly listening to music with headphones is very dangerous to cross railway platforms and lines.

Ear-Infection and Germs

sharing an earphone

Yes, listening to music together might be a very romantic experience to share. However, the repercussions might just be more harmful than what you could imagine. Just imagine that you have let your friend borrow your headphone for two days. Well, you might not know if he has any infection in the ear. If you are unaware of it and instantly plug the headphones when he returns, you might lead to serious infections. Always sanities your headphones before using!

The Earphone Sponges

Earphone Sponges

The earphone sponges might just be another reason on the list of the Side Effects of Headphones. Forget about the complete headphones, even if you share the earphones with anyone else, the number of germs in the sponge will definitely hike you. Sponges have a tendency to attract the solid particles around them. Thus, if your friend was using your headphone with a sponge, you must think twice. It is very important to keep them clean also.

Using headphones when traveling is the worst idea than it sounds

Using headphones when traveling

A lot of people do feel boring to travel in a train, bus or even plane for a longer duration. What do we do to keep ourselves entertained? Certainly using the headphones and listening to music might seem to be a good option. However, it is not as like we see. Headphones might have different repercussions. If you are traveling in a noisy bus, the sound of the music adds to the decibel. This means that you turn the volume higher. Well, it might also cause serious issues.

A Lead to Hearing Loss!

Taking a break from anything is always good for health. Teenagers and youths have been very addictive to music and chats. This means that while playing games or even listening to music after the game gets over might cause serious damages. You may also face different situations and troubles with hearing. Eventually, if you do not consider taking a break often, it might lead to hearing loss at the same time. You must take a ten-minute break every hour!

They are Terrible for Eardrums

slim earphones

Fashion is also a big factor while we opt for using the modern earphones. They are certainly one of the roots to cause Side Effects of Using Headphones or earphones. The new earphones are becoming sleek and also nearly invisible at the same time. Using such earphones might make you feel like the Next James Bond, but the truth is you are damaging your eardrums. Regular use of such earphones might lead to severe infection at eardrums which can lead to deadly disease like Cancer.

The cause of Vertigo


Vertigo is one of those diseases that might make you lose your hearing ability. Loud music and also constant playing of earphones might lead to serious damages. It is also one of the most important things that you need to consider. The loud decibel is very harmful to your ears at any point in time. This means that you can also experience vertigo or dizziness.

Lose Your Focus

writing with headphones

A lot of people do believe that it is cool to do mathematics while listening to music. However, the truth is something different. There are also many types of researchers conducting the studies that you need to understand. Excessive use of headphones while listening to music often changes the focus. This might hamper your professional life at any time also. It can also be very harmful while you are on road.

It might Hamper Neighbors

using headphones

There might be a big reason for everyone to purchase noise-cancellation earphones. Because buying a regular piece is one of the important Side Effects of Using Headphones and Earphones every day. Well, your neighbor might not like to hear the noise coming out from the headphones. It might even hamper him at any time. Thus, it is also very important to pick the best earphones and headphones.

Your Turn!

What do you think, daily entertainment is important of your precious health, do share your views on using headphones everyday. it can cause serious illness to your brain and body.

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