Top 10 Greatest and Oldest Languages in The World

We all love to speak our mother Tongue. Especially in the World, when there are 6000 of languages to speak, we may find some of the oldest ones. There are certainly a lot of languages in the world that are old, but finding out the oldest of them is a tough ask. Languages have come across thousands of years as communication.

However, there are many languages in the world which are spoken by millions of people around the world. These Oldest Languages in the world are certainly very touching and are also the best to conduct. Check out the Top 10 Oldest Languages in the world from here!

Top 10 Oldest Languages in the World

LatinLatin Oldest Languages in the world

The Latin language dates back to the 75 B.C and is one of the Oldest Languages in the world. The language comes from the victor of many wars on the Italian Peninsula. However, Latin is also one of the major languages of Roman Empire. Most of the Roman Languages also do come from Latin. In fact it is just the start of creating new modern languages. Still, Latin is one of the oldest and practiced all over the world. A lot of people do speak Latin till date with the most modern factors.



It might be a bit surprising to know that Armenian is one of the oldest languages. But, it is true! Armenian is basically a form of the Indo-European Language that comes from the country itself. The origins have a long history and nearly about 450 B.C. In the World Survey, over than 5 million people across the globe are speaking Armenian till date! The dates go back to the fifth-century Bible Translation as one of the oldest remains. It is certainly one of the oldest languages.



The Korean languages have a rich history and it is completely different from most of the others. The origins of Korean language comes right back from the 600 B.C. Now, in the present day, more than 65 million people live here. More than 5.5 Million of Koreans do opt for speaking in the same language. The best part is that all the Koreans speak and write the same language. This also helps to make up a strong national identity at the same time.



Hebrew is certainly one of the most ancient languages the world has ever seen. The origin of Hebrew just comes back from 3000 years. Yes, historians identify that Hebrew comes from around 1000 B.C. In fact; the modern version of Hebrew is derived from an ancient Semitic language. It is also the official language of the state of Israel. Most of the scholars have marked Hebrew as a sign of “Holy language”. Today, it is one of the most primary languages for the Jewish Community. Most of the people read and write the same!



Ever wondered why the Middle-East languages feel so different? The Aramaic language is one of the Oldest Languages in the world. It is not because of the dates, but also because of the formation of Hebrew and Arabic. The dates just go back to the 10th Century B.C. Most of the Middle East Countries including Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon as well as others keep their native language as Aramaic. This means that it is likely to spread more in the world!


Chinese Oldest Languages in the world

The Chinese are not only a name in the oldest languages but also one of the toughest languages to speak and write. The origin comes back from 1200 B.C and also one of the best in the world. Infact, the language is just the best as the things can get. Over the time, the Chinese language is widely spread across the world and nearly 1.2 billion people do speak it. The Chinese language is also at the top of the most popular languages in the world with the best efforts. Reading and writing it is very tough if you are just learning the language.


Greek Oldest Languages in the world

The Greek language is one of the exceptional languages of the world. But, you would feel surprised that the language is not limited to Greece. The Eastern European countries like Greece, Cyprus or even Albania are the places where people widely speak Greek. Almost a count of 13 million people is alive while speaking Greek all over the world. The dates go back to the 1450 B.C and it is one of the oldest languages in Europe at the same time. Definitely speaking Greek means to derive modern European languages.


Egyptian Oldest Languages in the world

Egypt is not only a land for the Kings, Pyramids, and Mummies! Yes, the Ancient Egyptian Civilization has a long history and is still one of the best cultures of the world. Similarly, the Egyptian language is also one of the oldest in the world. Egyptian language includes signs and symbols to explain anything. Tomb walls still have their remains being one of the best things to look for. Well, the dates go back to 2600 B.C when for the first time the language came up. A lot of people do still speak the language.


Sanskrit Oldest Languages in the world

Sanskrit is definitely one of the oldest languages in the world and also one of the most spoken. the ancient Sanskrit language has given birth to many other languages that include, Bengali, Hindi, European Languages and also many other regional languages at the same time. In fact the dates come right from 3000 B.C when civilization was forming. Sanskrit is still considered as one of the major languages in India. However, most f the people do now speak the modern form of the language.


Tamil Oldest Languages in the world

It would be never wrong to say that Tamil is the oldest languages if the world. In fact, it is one of the best-spoken languages originating from Tamil Nadu. The dates go back to 5000 B.C when for the first time the Tamil Language is born. According to the recent surveys, Tamil is one of the oldest languages with so much of diversion. More than 1500 newspapers still publish in Tamil because of the wide speaking. Certainly, the Tamil Language is different from all the others.

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