MG Motor’s big move to tackle corona! Company to give 100 MG Hector SUV, emergency services to be used

MG Motor is primarily a Chinese company. Last year, the company launched MG Hector as its first vehicle in the Indian market. The SUV is priced between Rs 12.73 lakh and Rs 17.72 lakh.

MG Motor's big move to tackle corona! Company to give 100 MG Hector SUV, emergency services to be used

Coronavirus Pandemic:

The screws of corona virus are constantly being tightened in the country. New cases of this terrible disease are coming up in the country every day. Meanwhile, the country’s legendary vehicle manufacturing companies are also coming forward in this war against the disease. MG Motor, the leading vehicle manufacturer, which took its first step in the Indian market last year, has announced that it would provide 100 MG Hector SUV vehicles to help deal with the disease.

As per information, these vehicles will be used for the same services across the country. The vehicle will remain in service till the lockdown is over by the next 3 May. The company says the vehicles will be available without any fee, the company itself would also provide fuel and driving facility. These vehicles can be easily used by doctors, medical staff, police and government officials.

The company has also directed all its dealerships across the country to supply vehicles in this regard. The senetization in all vehicles will also be done properly. So that there is no fear of any kind of infection spreading. Earlier, the company has already helped government hospitals and health institutions for Rs 2 crore.

The infection of corona virus in the country is spreading rapidly. According to the latest information, the Corona virus has engulfed more than 20,000 people across the country. 652 people have died of this horrific disease. In the past, the government has decided to increase the lockdown across the country by the next 3 May.

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