Kadir Tea Stall Best Tea on National Highway 58

Tea is the most favorite beverage of India and we love drinking tea. Tea gives use energy and it may look strange but one cup of hot tea in summer can reduce the stress of hot weather and it really works. Most of the people prefer tea over coffee in India.

When Laloo Prasad Yadav was rail minister he passed the rule that, in all the railway stations of India they will offer tea in Kulhad. Kulhad is made of mud and it gives you a different aroma than a regular tea in a glass. It was a wise decision because Kulhads are nature-friendly and it reduces pollution level and it also helps you to clean the railway station. it can decompose easily without any harmful effects.


but, our Indian politicians changes everything when they come to power, after Laloo Prasad Yadav, the new minister had removed all the restriction of using plastic cups. Now, You won’t see Kulhad Chai (Tea) on Indian railway stations much. It increases the cost for the tea sellers so they prefer plastic cups.

When you travel by road you will see huge numbers of dhabas and small tea shops, most of them are using same tea glasses to serve their teas, but I am a Kulhad tea lover and I always find something for me.

while I was on the way to Delhi from Haridwar on my Bajaj Avenger 220 with Himanshu Khanna and Pawan Kumar. we took a small halt at Kadir Tea Stall. It was highly recommended by a friend of mine. It’s not a big shop or restaurant. it’s just a roadside tea shop and one of the few tea shops at National Highway 58, offer Kulhad over normal glasses.

Kadir Tea stall is a small tea shop just before Muzaffarnagar bypass Flyover. when we reached the shop they were out of milk. You can imagine the demand for their tea by that.

The owner said, “Dudh khatam ho gaya hai, 10 Minute wait karna padega aapko” (our milk stock is over, please wait for 10 minutes).

We were waiting and discussing the films and Anurag Kashyap’s next film Raman Raghav 2.0.

Finally, a man came with the full container of milk to his shop and owner started his tea preparation. After the long wait for 25 minutes, we had our Kulhads or tea, it was the time to have a sip of tea.

After the first sip, Pawan said “Wah ye to ghar jaisi chai hai” and I said, “told You“. Tea was made with only milk with lots of ginger and beautiful aroma of Kulhad was giving the perfect taste which we were expecting from the tea.

unfortunately, milk was over so we could not have extra malai in the Tea, but still it was a perfect Kulhad of Tea.

If you are traveling on NH58 you should have a Kulhad Tea at Kadir Tea stall.

best tea on haridwar rishikesh highway

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