India’s concern over COVID-19 crisis surged! Scientists warn: 80% of cases do not show symptoms

Many people have a strong immunisation and when they have a virus infection, their body’s immunisation does not affect the body and the human being feels normal.

The corona infection in the country is spreading rapidly and the number of corona infections is showing an increase every day. Now, there is an alarming point, which is worrying the medical scientists of the country. In fact, a senior scientist has pointed out that 80 per cent of corona cases in the country are showing no signs of infection, which is a matter of great concern.

Dr. Raman R. Gangkhedkar of the Indian Council of Medical Research told NDTV that “80 per cent of the cases are not showing symptoms. It is the most difficult task to identify the infected. Scientists said it is impossible to test everyone.

In fact, many people have a strong immunisation, and when they have a virus infection, their body’s immunisation does not affect the body and the human being feels normal, but the dangerous thing is that in the meantime, these people can infect others with corona, so it becomes difficult to find the source and the number of virus infections increases.

Let us say that the number of corona patients in the country has gone beyond 17 thousand and 543 people have died. When Dr. Gangkhedkar was asked if 80 per cent of patients are not showing corona symptoms, will there be some change in the screening of corona now?

In response, the doctor said, “There is no scope for change. It is possible to check only when symptoms of influenza-like disease appear. Delhi cm Arvind Kejriwal had also recently reported that out of 736 people who had examined samples of 736 people in the past, 186 had no symptoms of the disease and they did not even know that they were spreading virus infections.

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