15 Important things Invented in India That Will Change Your Views

When you hear India, what goes on your mind? In the 21st century, when we speak about India, we see the modernization the country.

We see the developments in different fields and also the improvement we have. However, the Indian culture is not rich only from today. It dates back to centuries of hard work and advances in Science, literature and even art. Yes, there are some stunning Inventions in India that will change your views for the country.

Here are The 15 Important thing Invented in India, which will change your views about India.

List 15 Important thing Invented in India 


Yoga Invented in India

Yoga is one of the major Inventions in India that dates back to the history of 5000 years. It is another way of working out but with free hands. Now, with Indians taking Yoga forward to International standards, people from all over the world are being influenced by this. It is certainly one of the best ways to stay fit.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts Invented in India

What rings in your ears when you hear the word Martial Arts for the first time? You might go straight back to the Chinese Movies where Bruce Lee is driving everyone crazy with his skills. But, does anyone know from where it came? Originally, Martial Arts is invented by an Indian monk named Bodhidharma. They went on to China in order to spread the form of Art.


Anesthesia Invented in India

Anesthesia is a big invention in the medical science and it comes back from the 13th Century. It is one of the major Inventions in India that has aggressively spread to the whole world. Back from the Vedas, there were signs of using Anesthesia. Signs of development and innovations in medical treatments are also visible for centuries of years.

Founding Father of Surgery

Founding Father of Surgery invented surgery in India

Just as we say that India is a fast developing country with the expansion of medical science, surgery is also another evolution that comes up. The Founding Father of Surgery is Maharishi Shushrata. Yes, Maharishi Shushrata used to teach Surgery on the banks of River Ganga. He also came up with various volumes of books known as ‘Susrutha Samhita’. He also practiced complicated surgeries including cataract, fractures or even plastic surgery.


The original term ‘Trigonometry’ comes right from the language Sanskrit. If we consider the derivation from of Trigonometry, we would get Tri (Three) + Kona (Angle) + Miti (Parameter). This literally means that it was one of the oldest forms of mathematical calculations. Other expressions of Trigonometry, including Sine and Cosine, are also and invented in India.

Quadratic Equations

Quadratic Equations Invented in India

Quadratic Equations are one of the best ways to solve quadratic sums and you would certainly feel proud to know that it came up from India! Back in the 10th Century, the Quadratic Equations come from the hands of Sridhar Acharya. It is definitely one of the best possible ways by which one can easily solve the complicated expressions easily.



A lot of people might now know about the Invention of Zero in India. Certainly, it is one of the major inventions in India that has brought solutions to the world. Initially, the Hindu Astronomer and Mathematician Brahmagupta in 628 is the first person to invent Zero. There is also another song ‘Jab Zero Diya Mere Bharat Ne’ that declares the invention of Zero in our country.

Place Value System and Decimal System

Place Value System and Decimal System

Place Value System and Decimal System are also one of the major inventions in India. Back in the 100 B.C mathematicians and scholars from India found a better way to come to solutions. For large numbers and figures, the brought up Place Value System and Decimal System that provides the values! It is also the concept of where binary codes and coming back to the needs.

Pi “π” and Pythagorean Theorem


Pythagorean Theorem is now one of the most effective formulae for solving angles or even measurements. If you are considering the old histories in India, the brightest scholar Budhayana is the person who brings π before the European mathematicians. He is also the first person to discover the value of π for calculating the angles. It is indeed one of the oldest concepts of the 6th Century.

Time is taken to orbit the Sun


No, it is not the 17th Century when we come to know about the Earth Revolving around the Sun. In fact, if we just go back to the 12th Century, the Indian mathematician Bhaskaracharya showed the concept of the revolution. In fact, he is also the first person in the world to calculate the time taken for the Earth to revolve around the sun. According to Bhaskaracharya, the real time to revolve around the sun is about 365.258756484 days.


What is the most interesting game on the planet that takes a lot of brains? If Chess is your answer, then certainly it is one major credit for India. Chess is one of the major things invented in India. and dates back to the old history. Chess is now a very formidable name, but in India, this game was originally termed as Ashtapada. It is also the game which is played all over the world now!

Father of Medicine


Medicine treatment comes right back around 2500 BC with the invention of Ayurveda. Yes, still Ayurveda is the best treatment available for any kind of diseases. With the hands of Charaka, Ayurveda was first originated in India. We also know Charaka as the Father of Medicine and the person who solved so many problems in the human body with his treatment. Ayurveda is also one of the earliest schools of medicine known to Mankind!

Power Values

If you think that exponents are being tough for you, then feel proud at the same time being an Indian. The concept of Power Values was available right back from the 5000 B.C! Back at this time, the largest numbers used by Greeks and Romanians were 106. Literally, at the same time, the Invention of exponents means to be one of the most valuable Inventions in India.

The First University of the World

Nalanda University Invented in India

In the 21st century, we envy the Top colleges in the world and most of them are present in Europe and USA. However, from where did this concept of University start? The First University of the World is definitely located in India. Takshasila University and the Nalanda University are the first Universities in the world. Once upon a time, they were both a part of India.

Military Rockets

Military Rockets Invented in India

Military Rockets is another field where the Indians come up with advanced technologies. Back n the year of 1780, it was Tipu Sultan who came up with the idea of Iron Casted Military Rockets. This was also prepared to fight against the British East India Company.

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