How to Unlink Aadhaar From Paytm, Bank Account and Others

Aadhaar card has become the most important thing for Indians, but just after the latest supreme court judgment, Aadhar card is not mandatory for getting Sim Cards, bank accounts, and many other similar services.

however, you need PAN no for opening a bank account and for ITR filing you need both Aadhar and Pan card, but Govt of India made it mandatory for all the govt and private services, which created a lot of buzz and people were worried about their privacy and security.

unlink aadhar card

Most of us linked our Aadhar number with our Bank account, mobile numbers and Paytm or other digital wallets because we didn’t’ wanted any kind of disruption due to Aadhar, but at the same time, we were worried about the privacy and security.

So many times we have seen that Aadhar database got compromised and its very easy for a hacker to access all the digital information of Aadhar user by just using the Aadhar number.

How to unlink Aadhaar from Bank Account

I tried to unlink my Aadhar Card from ICICI bank account and SBI bank account but failed, there are no options yet.

There is no option to delink your Aadhar card Online for now, but we are expecting it will be available soon in future after this judgment, but you still can unlink your Aadhar card from Bank account by writing a simple application to your bank manager, we tried this today after lunch, and they made it possible just in 5 minutes.

How to unlink Aadhaar from PayTM

First You need to call paytm customer care 01204456456, ask them that you want o to unlink your Aadhaar card from Paytm Account.

They will email you and you will be asked for a scanned copy of your Aadhar for validation purpose, just attach it and email them.

In 72 Hours you will get a confirmation of success, that your Aadhar has been unlinked to PayTM.

For all others online applications like Paytm, you just need to email them, your Aadhar card will be unlinked.

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