Google 3D Animals: View 3D Avatar of Your Favorite Animal, Keep These 5 Things To Keep In Mind

Google 3D Animals: If you are considering trying this particular feature for the first time, we’ll give you five essential tips you should know before using this feature so you can follow them.

Google 3D Animals:

People are in homes because of coronavirus lockdown across the country, so people are sitting at home and trying Google’s special feature Google 3D animal, which is becoming very popular. Some of you have already tried this feature, but there will still be some of you who have not used this feature so far.

If you are also thinking of trying this particular feature of Google for the first time, we will today show you five essential tips that you should know before using this feature so that you can follow them.

Google 3D animals: 5 essentials

Does your phone support this Google 3D animals feature: As we have already told you, not all phones support google 3D animal feature. If this feature is not working in your phone, it means it is not compatible with your phone.

If your smartphone supports Google Arcore, you will be able to enjoy seeing ar animal in your bedroom or living room. What is noteworthy is that the latest iOS and Android smartphones are compatible with this feature.

What animals do support: When Google first introduced its Google Earth 3D animal feature, it was only a 3D avatar of the selected animals. But now the names of many animals have been added to this list.

The list includes the names of animals like Tiger, Alligator, Brown Beer, Cat, Duck, Giant Panda, Snake, Turtle, Lion, Horse, Octopus, Shark, Cheetah, Dog, Eagle, Goat, Wolf, Angler Fish, Emperor Penguin, Hedgehog, Macaw and Shetland pony. In addition to animal, the user can also see some planets such as Mars, Earth, Pluto, etc., in a 3d avatar with the help of this feature.

Use in open space: Use this feature in open space for best result so that ar animal can fit in the space. What is noteworthy is that these special features do not work in closed space, it is advisable to use open space for the best result.

Use the right browser to use the Google 3D animal feature:

Google 3D animal does not work in all browsers. For the information of the people, let’s say that this feature works in Google Chrome and not in the Google app. One thing that is particularly noteworthy is that this feature can be used in smartphones or does not work on a computer or laptop.

Google 3D Animals: View 3D Avatar of Your Favorite Animals on Google

How to use Google 3D animals

To use this feature, first open Google Chrome and then search by typing the name of whichever animal you want to see a 3d avatar.

After entering you will find the View in 3D option when you scroll slightly downwards. After clicking on this option, the page will take a while to open, and it will use your phone’s camera to bring the AR animal to your space.

Then rotate your phone from one corner to another. What is noteworthy is that whichever animal you see is a 3d avatar, it will disappear automatically after a few seconds.

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