8 Unknown and Interesting Facts about Mother’s Day

Being a mother is never an easy job to do. Taking responsibilities of the child and making everything special is indeed an art.

When children grow up, they understand the values and also the morals their mothers share. Respecting mothers and women has a long history back from the Roman Era.

There are indeed some special days of the calendar where children from all mothers love to celebrate the Mother’s Day with their mom! However, it is just not all about celebrations. There are some more Unknown and Interesting Facts about Mother’s Day which you may love!

8 Unknown and Interesting Facts about Mother’s Day

The Mother Goddess, Cybele

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Facts about Mother’s Day are always special when we come to know about the origin. The origin of Mother’s Day comes right back from the Roman Civilization. It comes from the 250 BC spring Festival. According to the Romans, The Mother Goddess, Cybele is worshipped on this day. This also resembles their love and affection for their mothers.

The Ancient Roman History

According to the Roman calendar, the ideal date for Mother’s Day Celebration is just on the 15th of March. However, the date changes according to the days of the Calendar. It is celebrated on the second Sunday of the March in UK and Ireland. However, the rest of the world celebrates this auspicious day on the third Sunday of May. The festival in Romania lasts for three days. People entertain themselves with games, parades as well as masquerades.

Virgin Mary

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Other Interesting Facts about Mother’s Day dates back to the early 1600s. England also celebrates this date as one of the most auspicious moments of the year. According to the sources, the fourth Sunday of the Lent is the best day for celebrating Mother’s Day. The day in England begins with the Church praying for Virgin Mary. Just after the prayers are done, the Children would present flowers to their mothers. This is the reason why Citizens in the UK always celebrate this auspicious day with their Mothers in the Month of March.


The Inspiration of Julia Ward Howe

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The Facts about Mother’s Day came into existence in the year of 1872. Before this, the concept of Mother’s Day was not clear to most of the people. In the year of 1872, Julia Ward Howe took up the responsibility to promote the concept of Mother’s Day for the first time. It was probably one of the finest ways by which she could also promote World Peace. The Franco-Prussian war is also one of the reasons behind the promotion of Mother’s Day in the world. She came up to promote and organize rallies for women in parts of Boston and other different parts of the country. One can believe that her efforts in promoting Mother’s Day are indeed one of the major causes why we celebrate.

Mother’s Day Work Clubs

Anna Jarvis

There are certainly some interesting Facts about Mother’s Day and one of them definitely is Anna Jarvis. Officially, she is the woman and also the reason why we celebrate Mother’s Day throughout the whole world. She also wanted to gift a special day to pay respect to her mother. Ann Jarvis, mother of Anna worked as a Social Activist and also formed the Mother’s Day Work Clubs. This club completely resembles the mothers during the Civil War. As a result of the campaign, President Woodrow signed a resolution and making the second Sunday of the month of May as Mother’s Day. Many countries in the world celebrate this auspicious day as Mother’s Day on the same day.

Pink and Red carnations


Facts about Mother’s Day also resembles the carnations that are the flowers of Mother’s Day. On this day, pink are Red Carnations are presented to mothers by their children. There is also a reason behind this. According to the Church, the carnations came out from the tears of Mother Mary. This was when she swept away the tears after seeing Jesus Christ crucified. This resembles the love and affection of mothers for their children also. Thus, the concepts of carnations were on a flow! The Pink and Red carnations also make up a beautiful picturesque in the Mother’s hands!

The letter ‘M’

Mother’s Day cards

If you consider most of the major languages spoken in the world, you may find one thing in Common. The first letter of most of the words that represent Mother in different Languages starts with the letter ‘M’. Though it is fictional, still the letter ‘M’ dedicates to the start of Mother in many languages. Some people might find this concept to be wrong- but it is certainly true for most of the languages widely spoken.

Facts about Mother’s Day in the United States

There are some major interesting Facts about Mother’s Day that you might love to know. The United States of America holds the record for sharing the maximum number of calls. On this day, records of 122 million calls connect to the mothers only in the United States. This number is indeed huge and no other country roughly touches this figures. However, irrespective of the phone calls, almost the same numbers of Mother’s Day cards come to the Post Office. It is indeed one of the most special times where one would love to celebrate.

There are certainly many more interesting Facts about Mother’s Day which you might love to wish and celebrate at the same time. Certainly, the auspicious moment of love and celebration for Mother’s Day is indeed wonderful to think about.

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