10 Unknown Facts and Stories about Mahavir Jayanti

Celebrating Mahavir Jayanti redirects to one of the prosperous moments in the Jain Community. In such an auspicious occasion, the concept of Mahavir Jayanti is a time where all the different sects of Jains celebrate the occasion together.

The different sects including Digambars, Vaasis, Sthanak and also Tera Panthis and Shwetambars come together. On this day, all the people of the Jain community resolve to follow the principles of Mahavira, the Last Tirthankara of the Jains. There are certainly some Unknown Facts and Stories about Mahavir Jayanti you might love to know about.
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On the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti, the main attraction is the Jain community members taking part in prayers and rituals in the Jain temples. A grand bath to the statue of Lord Mahavira follows up along with ceremonial processions. Jains do follow one major rule and it is the act of giving to the needy people. In India, this is a spectacular sight as Jains from all parts of the country take part in such a celebration and makes sure it works. You would certainly love to know all about the 10 Unknown Facts and Stories about Mahavir Jayanti!

List of 10 Unknown Facts and Stories about Mahavir Jayanti

Lord Mahavir was a Tirthankara before his Birth

Yes, not a lot many people might know this, but the facts are completely true. There was also a huge controversy and a chaos as the people were waiting for the birth of a great man. During the time when Queen Trishala was pregnant, she saw some of the most beautiful dreams in the last phase. Little did she know that her dreams would turn into a reality? On the next day when King Siddhartha asked for the meaning of those dreams, he understood that a great man was going to take birth. This is also one of the Unknown Facts about Mahavir Jayanti!

Different names for Lord Mahavir

Lord Mahavir also earned tremendous respect from the people of the Kingdom because of his rituals and also his thoughts. Thus for his immense ideology and principals, he was given the honor with different names. Lord Mahavir was also known by his names including Vardhman, Veer and also Ativeer. He also had a few other names including Mahaveer and Sanmati. These names are not just a prospect of love or affection, but Lord Mahavir was honored with such respect.

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He Left the Kingdom and Family

At the age of 28, there was a shocking news awaiting Lord Mahavir. He lost both of his parents at the same age and was left heart-broken. On a request from NandiVardhan, he stayed within the kingdom for two more years. However, Lord Mahavir also received Diksha at the age of 30. This was the time when he left births the family as well as Kingdom. Incidentally, the date was on Margashirha Krishna Dashami. It was from now when he starts to become a Tirthankara of Jain Community.

Meditation of Lord Mahavir

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The meditation of Lord Mahavir is also one of the Unknown Facts and Stories about Mahavir Jayanti! Many of us do not know his willpower and how much Lord Mahavira respects his action. It was on the news that Mahavira starts meditation right from the age of 30 and then ends it after 12 years. Yes, he was 42 when Lord Mahavira finally found a rest to his hard penance.

The celebration of Mahavir Jayanti

Mahavir Jayanti marks the birth anniversary of Lord Mahavira. Also, it happens to be on the 13th day for the month of Chaitra. The date randomly falls between Late March and April. It is one of the biggest celebrations for the Jain Community as people spread messages of Lord Mahavira. It is rightly the celebration of Mahavir Jayanti in different ways.

Preaching of Mahavir

Mahavir brought in the right faith within the Jain community. In other terms, this was also known as Sanyak Darshana along with Samyak Jnana. He also spread a wide knowledge of wisdom and prosperity at the same time. This is one of the major teachings of Lord Mahavira.

Who is a Tirthankara?

Tirthankara is not just a term for the Jains. In other words, being Tirthankara means to become the guidance for those seeking spiritual advice. A Tirthankara is basically a human being who conquers the human vices and also the different aspects of asceticism. This reckons to the person who claims human vices and then achieves the enlightenment with the help of asceticism. Lord Mahavira is the 24th and also the last Tirthankar of the Jain Community.

He went above all pain

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After 12 years of meditation under the Ashoka Tree, he became a Tirthankara for the Jain community. It is known that on the year of 42, Lord Mahavira also achieved the ultimate enlightenment in the world. Right after this, Mahavira got rid of all his clothes and also tore his hair right from the roots. The Jain community believes that Mahavira had never worn any clothes after this.

Keval Gyan

According to the Jain community, Lord Mahavira came up with Keval Gyan. This is also some Facts and Stories about Mahavir Jayanti. According to his preaching, Lord Mahavira overcame Omniscience. This was on the Tenth Day of the month of Baisakh. According to the Hindu calendar, it is one of the most important dates in the Jain community. Many people call this day as the “Vaisakh Sudi Dasam“.

Death of Lord Mahavira

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The death of Lord Mahavira is also one of the most important Facts about Mahavir Jayanti. According to the Jain Community, Lord Mahavira took his last breath at the age of 72. On the day of Krishna Amavasya, this incident took place in Pawapur. He also attainted the Title of Nirvana at the same time of his death. According to the sources, the body of Lord Mahavira is placed in a Temple called Jal Mandir. Jal Mandir is in Pawanpuri, now in Bihar!

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