Longest Tunnel In India – Facts about Chenani Nashri Tunnel or Patnitop Tunnel

Here are a few must-know key facts about Chenani-Nashri tunnel road in India which is also known as Patnitop tunnel.

It’s a good news for tourists going for Srinagar via NH-1A road in winter. The much-awaited Chenani-Nashri Tunnel in Jammu & Kashmir is opened and operating 24×7.

Facts About Chenani-Nashri Tunnel in Jammu & Kashmir
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Existing distance between Chenani and Nashri sectors is 41KMs, which is now reduced to just 9.2KMs. Thus, reducing the travel time on National Highway 1A as it will be approx 31KMs short.

The best part of this tunnel is that it will help the Srinagar highway to remain open during winters too. The tunnel is a part of the 286KMs long four-lane project on the same highway.

Chenani being the south end, is a sector in Udhampur district while Nashri is the north end, a sector in Ramban district.

The tunnel work was supposed to complete by May 20, 2016, but it took additional 9 months to get everything done. Demonetization played a major role in the delay. It affected 3 months of work as the NHAI wasn’t able to pay the labor cost and has to reduce the pace.

Facts about Chenani-Nashri Tunnel

Here are the highlight facts about Chenani Nashri Tunnel road.

  • It will also be operational during winters, offering connectivity throughout the year which has been a challenge so far.
  • Airtel, Idea, BSNL (including other operators) and Radiofrequency available inside.
  • The vehicle having a height up to 5meters are allowed and special sensors are applied to check that.
  • 13 meter is the diameter of dual tunnels while a 6-meter escape tunnel is also there.
  • 27 Lakh INR worth of fuel will be saved every day and will reduce 2 and half hour of total travel time.
  • Proper surveillance is set up inside and operated using 124 CCTV cameras installed inside which will also help during SOS conditions.
  • 50KMPH is the maximum speed limit set, and yes, it has toll charges too.
  • Hypersensitive ventilation systems are also installed inside to have a proper ventilation facility throughout the dual tunnel road.

Above all, the tunnel’s excavation was done within 4 years, which is a record in itself.

Chenani-Nashri Tunnel Toll Tax Rates

Toll gates are constructed at both ends of the tunnel, which will be charging as per following rates.

  • The toll for LMV Vehicle is 55INR for one side and 85INR for two side journey.
  • The toll for Mini Bus is 90INR for one side and 135INR for two side journey.
  • The same for Bus and Trucks is set to 190INR for one side and 285INR for two side journey.
  • No Toll for Two wheelers.

While LMV vehicles can also pay 1,870INR which will cover Chenani-Nashri Tunnel toll tax for one complete month. 

This tunnel is going to save both time and money as the previous road featuring hilly terrain of Patnitop was prone to avalanches and snowfall during winter. This is why, the road is commonly referred as Patnitop bypass road tunnel or simply Patnitop tunnel. 

PM Narendra Modi will soon inaugurate India’s 9.2KMs Long Dual Tunnel Road, connecting Chenani and Nashri.

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