Top 10 Most Expensive Houses In India And their Prices

A luxury house is always a great asset to a life and when you are literally staying in such a luxury home, the taste of luxury life just comes to be fascinating.

In India, there are certainly some houses that come and show the reflection of Money. More often, it is a reflection of their personal style to show how much money they have. Literally, the most expensive houses in India are worth to stare all day long and still, you may find many things. They are unique from each other but one this is surely common- the heavy amount of money!

Top 10 most expensive houses in India and their Prices

NCPA Apartments, Mumbai

NCPA Apartments Most expensive Home in india
Most expensive Home Apartments in India

The NCPA Apartments, Mumbai is definitely one of the most costly apartments in India. The Apartments stand tall at the posh area of Nariman Point in Mumbai. Definitely, a flat over here would be very expensive to purchase. Well, if you are willing to own a 4 bedroom apartment in this special building, you need to expend more than Rs. 29 Crore in the country. Well, to own the luxury apartment you need to have a big cash wallet in your bank.

JK House, Mumbai

JK House Most Expensive Properties in India
One of the Most Expensive Properties in India

JK House, Mumbai is another name in the list of the valuable Residential Locations. The Raymond Man Gautam Singhania is the owner of the JK House at Breach Kandy, Mumbai. Certainly with, so many luxuries and beautiful things, it is one of the best homes located in the city itself. Apart from being a luxury home, the building has some of the amazing facilities which also include a health center, a museum as well as a Helipad. More than 30 floors are here out of which 6 are for parking.

White House in the Sky, UB City Bengaluru

White House in the Sky Most Expensive Properties in India

The Liquor tycoon of India, Dr, Vijay Mallya own one of the best houses in the country as well. The White House in the Sky, UB City Bengaluru is in the list of the expensive houses in India. Vijay Mallya owns Kingfisher and also UB Group and also a fascinating house in Bengaluru. Now, the price of the luxury house with more than Rs. 100 Crore would definitely give you Goosebumps at any time. You would love to visit the house at least once.

Ravi Ruia Residence

Ravi Ruia Residence Most Expensive Houses in India

One of the most expensive houses in India is certainly the Ravi Ruia Residence, Delhi. No owner it took them so many years of hard work and dedication to build this wonderful building at any cost. The brothers Shashi Ruia and Ravi Ruia own this wonderful house at a cost of nearly Rs. 120 Crore. , the house also comes up with some of the best wonders of the city. The famous location of Tees January Marg in New Delhi is the prime location for this house.

Rana Kapoor Residence

Rana Kapoor Residence Most Expensive Houses in India

The Rana Kapoor Residence is also a big name in the list of the Expensive Homes. The price of the house is nearly Rs. 120 Crore which makes the Yes Bank CEO own such a valuable house. The House stands tall in Tony Altamount Road, Mumbai being one of the best homes to look after. Certainly millions of people would be willing to know the luxuries of life that Mr. Rana Kapoor is enjoying every time. The owner Rana Kapoor purchased this beautiful bungalow at a whopping price.

Naveen Jindal Residence, Delhi

Naveen Jindal Residence  one of the most expensive residential location in India

Naveen Jindal is a big name as a Political Industrialist in the Country. Certainly, his powers as a businessman are a big reflection of his home back in Delhi. Well, you might not believe it much but the Residence has a cost price of almost Rs. 120 Crores. Certainly, with the beautiful location and the architecture, the house is one of the best things that you can see in Delhi. In fact, the house is also located at one of the most beautiful localities in the city.

Ratan Tata Residence

Ratan Tata Residence Most Expensive Houses in India

Ratan Tata is one of the most successful Businessmen in India and his hard work is certainly a masterpiece to look for. The Ratan Tata Residence, Colaba, Mumbai is not anything less to the White House. Well, you might just love to be here at any point in time and watch this beautiful masterpiece. It almost took Ratan Tata at an amount o Rs. 150 Crore and gets the best response. The house comes with three stories and having an area of 15000 sq feet. The house also has some of the most excellent amenities.

Mannat, Mumbai

Mannat Most Expensive Houses in India
SRK has the Most Expensive House in Bollywood Industry

Most of the Indians do not require an introduction to how expensive Mannat is. Mannat, the home of King Khan is certainly one of the best and also the most expensive houses in India. The house definitely lives up to the superstar and also belongs to the Second richest Actor in the world and Richest Actor In India. Mannat is located in the Bandra section and is certainly one of the luxurious properties in Mumbai. The estimated value is nearly Rs. 200 Crore that can give you Goosebumps.

Abode, Mumbai


If Mannat is not at the top, then the Abode will bring you wows to the world. The home of the Ambani Brother Anil is definitely one of the best things that you can get. Forget the 100s and the 100s of Crores, the rice of the Abode, Mumbai will reflect the wonders at any point in time. The actual value of Abode, Mumbai is near to Rs. 5000 Crores or even more. Well, it also has almost everything that you were looking for and taking care of it. Certainly, it is just likely at the top.

Antila, Mumbai

Antila Most expensive Homes in India
Antila is also the Most Expensive House in the world

The home of Antila, Mumbai is certainly the top of the list while being the Most expensive houses in India. The Antila stands tall as the house of the richest person in India, Mukesh Ambani. In fact, it occupies an area of 400000 sq. foot. People from all over the country to come here to visit this landmark at any time. The cost of the Antila, Mumbai is nearly around Rs. 10000 Crores which makes it the Most expensive home in the world. Certainly, it has 27 stories with almost every facility.

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