Big updates from Kedarnath Dham, this time devotees will not be able to do doli’s darshan on the way

Chardham Yatra Kedarnath Dham-Uttarakhand: The philosophy of Doli usually travels on the Panchmukhi Doli foot before opening the gate of The Kedarnath Dham. But this time it will not happen.

Big updates from Kedarnath Dham, this time devotees will not be able to do doli's darshan on the way
            Kedarnath Dham-Uttarakhand

For the people living on the Chardham Yatra route, this time is going to break socially, emotionally and economically. The black shadow of Corona also did not remain untouched in the Chardham of Uttarakhand. On the scheduled date, the doors of Kedarnath Dham will open, the yatra will also start, but devotees will not be able to visit their adorable.

The doors of Kedarnath Dham are open on 29th April. On April 26, Baba Kedar’s festival would not go on foot and reach Sonprayag directly through a vehicle from Ukhimath.

From here on 27th April, kedarnath’s Doli will reach its land. As per the schedule, the doors of the temple will be opened in Aries ascendant at 6.30 am on 29th April. Devotees will not be able to visit doli on the route due to the move of Baba Kedar’s Doli directly from the vehicle to Sonprayag. Normally, panchmukhi Doli was taken on foot, saying that this step has been taken with the caution of Korana. The valve will open on 29th April on the scheduled date. Only 16 people including the chief priest will be present at the temple.

This was stated by DM Mangesh Gheldiyal of Rudraprayag. He said that the safety of the people is paramount to us. In view of this, people will not be allowed to visit the temple. The DM also appealed to the people not to come on the road from Ukhimath to Garikund during the Doli programme. The Rudraprayag administration has completed preparations for the yatra.

The supply of electricity has started. Snow has been removed from garikund to Kedarnath by a 16 km long pedestrian route. Now, horse-mule and passengers can walk here. Let me tell you that after the date of opening of the gate of Badinath Dham on Monday, it was believed that the date of opening of Kedarnath gate would also be changed.

However, it was decided not to make any change in the date of opening of the valve. Because if the date changes, the date of opening of the valve of second, third and fourth Kedar would also be changed. Therefore, the doors of Kedarnath will open on a definite date. His representatives will be present at the temple instead of Rawal. Social distances and all rules will be fully adhered to.


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